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Bukit Tetebatu or Tetebatu Hill is in Mount Rinjani National Park area at an altitude of 2,550 meters above sea level is located about 5 hours hiking from Tetebatu, Sikur district, East Lombok, from where we can see a beautiful view over the lake of Segara Anak, new volcano Gunung Baru Jari and Mount Rinjani and from this place we could reach the lake Segara Anak takes about 4 hours walk down.

tetebatu hill

Ascent to Mount Tetebatu in from Tetebatu village in East Lombok from an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. The journey begins on the Monkey forest (forest attractions in Tetebatu inhabited by monkeys or apes) here we can see the apes (monkeys) in a very large population and from here we could clearly see the mountain or Tetebatu hill is our goal.

After a 30-minute walk from Monkey Forest we will enter the dense forest and the path that we go through is new / natural and cool because a lot of trees blocked the sun’s heat by pouring the leaves and does not feel the trip after 1 hour 30 minutes we arrive at the first break commonly called Pondok Belanda (perhaps once in this place by the Dutch troops to rest before continuing the climb to the Lake of Segara Anak).

After a break we went on a trip and after 15 minutes we walked into the pasture and in this place we can see the village population is far behind us and in front of Mount Rinjani stands proudly, and after 1 hour 30 minutes we left the Pondok Belanda we enter the pinery into two places for lunch and breaks.

After lunch and break we will continue the journey to Bukit Tetebatu or Tetebatu hill and track quite steep until you reach the top of Tetebatu hill after 2 hours from the lunch place, and in this place we set up a tent to rest, enjoy with the beautiful panorama of the lake, new volcano, Mount Rinjani and spend the night.

Hiking Tetebatu hill includes :

1. Lisenced and Experienced :
– Mountain Guide
– Local Porter
2. One night accommodation in Tetebatu before the trek.
3. All camping equipment:
– Tent
– Sleeping bags
– Bed Mats
– Cooking gears
– Toilet tent
– Pillow
4. All meals ( 3 times daily )
5. National Park Gunung Rinjani entrance fee.
6. Transport pick up from Airport, Mataram, Senggigi and Bangsal to Tetebatu village and return.

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